Building Borders with A Quilter's Lumberyard, Saturday, September 30th

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Saturday, September 30th
10:00am - 3:30pm

Many of our lumberyard quilts do not have borders. That is a deliberate design decision. In our way of thinking, if the quilt looks finished without a
border, then it is, especially when you consider the impact of the binding.
But sometimes a quilt “needs” something more to achieve that finished look,
or maybe you want to make it bigger. That’s when it’s time to add a border or two.
It is relatively easy–and very predictable–to add single fabric borders. Consider
instead a scrappy pieced border made with the same four pieces of fabric “lumber” you have been using in your lumberyard quilts. The same incredible versatility of those
four sizes creates amazing borders. We’ll take you on a border-building adventure from simple to complex–pieces versus blocks, while applying the same concepts of proportion that make the Quilter’s Lumberyard® so unique. In this class you will:
•accurately measure and plan border applications, including corners.
•discuss and demonstrate the use of the four basic lumberyard pieces in simple
to complex borders.
•discuss and demonstrate the use of blocks in borders.
•evaluate the role of color, texture, scale, and contrast in a pieced border.
•sketch various simple, complex, and block border ideas on your graph paper.
•begin sewing the Lumberyard Borders Sampler according to the draft pattern, or add your own rows of Lumberyard pieced borders.

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