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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Quilt Along -- Entwined Star (step 9)

Hello Again!

Today's block is the Entwined Star.  Patty picked it and I just love it.  I really like it on point -- I think that's going on my bucket list.

This block can be pieced with traditional units and stitch and flip corners, but my poor brain had trouble with the quarter square unit, so we're paper piecing (surprise, surprise!)

I know this would usually be sewn as a 9-patch, but the foundations are done a little differently.  Assembly requires a partial seam, but that's easy peasy (it is NOT a Y-seam!).

Center foundation -- print two copies

Side unit foundation -- print 8 copies

Entwined_Star     Entwined_Star_green

Cutting for one 12" finished block.


Fabric 1 (block center, background)

Cut one 4 3/4" strip Cut four 4 3/4" squares (A1)
Cut one 4" strip Cut two 4" squares

Cut each square once on the diagonal to yield four triangles (A4)

Cut one 3 1/2" square (E1)
Focus Fabric (dots A3)

Cut one 3 3/4" strip Cut two 3 3/4" squares

Cut each square once on the diagonal to yield four triangles (A3)

Fabrics 2 and 3 (star points)

Cut one 3 1/4" strip from each fabric Cut three 3 1/4" squares

Cut each square once on the diagonal to yield six triangles (A2, A6, E2/E3/E4/E5)

Cut one 2 1/4" strip from each fabric

Cut two 2 1/4" x 6 3/4" rectangles (A5)


Paper piece the block center using the 3 1/2" background square and two fabric 2 and two fabric 3 triangles.  The matching triangles should be sewn on opposite corners.  Trim completed unit on the dotted lines.  Quick paper piecing refresher video


You will make a toral of four A units.  Two units will have fabric 2 in positions A2 and A6 and fabric 3 in position A5.  The other two A units will have fabric 3 in positions A2 and A6, and fabric 2 in positon A5. 

Video showing color placement



If adjacent fabrics are high contrast, watch for that the dark fabric doesn't extend above the seam allowance or it may cause a shadow on your completed block.  Trim the dark fabric even with the seam allowance.


To ensure proper coverage, place piece A5 as shown.  Video showing "gotchas" (places to be careful)


 When your units are completed, lay out as shown below.


Now it is time for the partial seam.  Flip the top right A unit over onto the center unit, aligning top and left edges.  Sew in the direction of the red arrow, stopping at the red line. Partial seam video

IMG_1066Remove the paper from the seam allowance where it was sewn and press the seams open.  We will finish sewing the first seam at the end.


Now sew the left unit A to the center/A unit from the previous step.  This time you can sew the complete seam.


Continue around the block, adding the bottom left and right A units.  Press seams open.  Pull the top A unit out the way to sew the bottom right unit on.


Align the top edge of the center unit with the loose section of the top right A and complete the seam.


Isn't that yummy?  Your block should measure 12 1/2" (will finish at 12").


We're almost done!


Central oregon quilt alongFriendship's rainbow

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