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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Thumbnail Mystery Projects Unveiled!

We kicked off this year's Mystery Challenge in January, and now it is time to present the completed projects.

To recap, all the participants got a brown bag marked with a "thumbnail" photo that hinted at the color palette inside.  Each bag had a name that hinted at the five coordinating fat quarters inside.  Participants had to use the equivalent of an 8" square of each fabric on the front of their finished project and could add fabrics as desired.  The final project could be a bag, wearable or quilt.

We have asked participants to send an image of their thumbnail image and the fabrics in their bag, as well as photos of their completed project.

Please leave a comment on the blog to vote for your favorite entry -- the winner will get a $50 gift card!

1.  Out of the Darkness

28" x 68"

Pieced during the early days of the "Stay at Home" order due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  I found myself needing to create in this dark time.  Seeing the flowers grow was very helpful when the world was changing so quickly.



2.  Coneflower

25.5" x 25.5"

I wanted something small but still able to feature the large coneflowers.  So I made this table topper and went back to one of the squares from Jen Kingwell's "Long Time Gone" pattern and used that.



3.  Graffiti

64" x 66"

This pattern, by Quilter's Dream, combines curves with a "semi improv" technique.  I had been wanting to do it in earthen tones, and this Time Holtz line seemed to fit the bill.  It was lots of fun!



4.  Breezy Day (Pinwheels)

42" x 42"

This pattern is from the mini QCR pattern book.  I call it "Pinwheels" as it reminds me of pinwheels.  I enjoyed practicing my curved piecing on this wall hanging, and I liked all the background space for Sandy to do her beautiful quilting.  It hangs over my sewing machine.



5.  It was the Cat

35" x 26.5"

I thought the fabric lent itself to a style I had just learned from Martha Sanders.  The fused pieces are a collage process and I spent some time thinking about the fabric, the design and the process.  To meet the rules of the challenge, I fused an 8" square of each fabric to make sure I was using it all.  As the design came together, I thought about that spilled vase.  And a line from Gilbert and Sullivan came to mind,  "yes, yes, It was the Cat!".  So IT WAS THE CAT.



6.  Island Windmills

27" x 35"

I made a windmill pattern using a template for the windmill blades. I did add more of the fabric line, Mackinac Island, for greater color variety plus green and a navy blue with little flower, This pattern is from the book Country Threads goes to Charm School that feature 19 little quilts from 5" charm squares. 



7.  Spring Fantasy

16.5" x 12" x 4"

I am intrigued by the freedom of creating a crazy quilt.  I thought it would be fun to take it back up, but try it on something 3-dimensional, so... a tote.



8.  Rural Meet Up

I wanted this quilt to reflect all the wonderful things you can bring home in your basket -- in summer -- from flowers to goodies at the farmers market.

9.  Starry-Eyed

45" x 23"

I love stars -- & started out with a star pattern -- but ended up not liking where it was going.  So after much mulling it over -- I came up with this design on my own and I'm pretty happy with it!!

10.  The Kissing Hand Quilt

45" x 23"

As soon as I opened my bag and saw the hugging raccoons with hearts, I knew this had to be a "Kissing Hand" quilt because it reminded me of the book by Audrey Penn.  It's the story of a little raccoon with is afraid to start school until his mother kisses his hand and told him her love would be with him all day.  I love how all the fabrics connect.  The minky makes it soft and cuddly.


Leave a comment on the blog to vote for your favorite.  Voting ends June 15.

Winner gets a $50 gift card to spend at The Quilt Basket.

Thumbnail mystery challenge

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